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Official Website Of The City Of San Antonio and Bexar County
Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Complete Count Committee

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In summer of 2018, the City of San Antonio held stakeholder meetings to begin developing strategies to reach all our residents in the 2020 census, and especially those who have historically been undercounted. One strategy was to establish a Complete Count Committee, supported by both the City of San Antonio and Bexar County. The Committee is charged with obtaining an accurate and complete population count for San Antonio and Bexar County by educating residents on why the census is important, and motivating them respond to the 2020 Census.

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May 20, 2019

August 19, 2019

October 16, 2019

November 6, 2019

February 12, 2020

July 20, 2020


The Co-Chairs facilitate the planning and implementation of the Committee’s outreach and engagement strategies at all levels, coordinate efforts between the Committee and the U.S. Census Bureau, and communicate the efforts of the Committee to the public.

  • Celina Pena, LiftFund
  • Rebecca Q. Cedillo, UHS

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is responsible for coordinating subcommittee work, providing guidance on best community engagement practices, and serving as liaisons between committee co-chairs and subcommittees.

  • Dr. Adena Williams Loston, St. Philip’s College
  • Dr. Lloyd Potter, UTSA
  • Heather Ramon-Ayala, San Antonio at Gessner Engineering
  • Jean Sherrill, Center for Refugee Services
  • Keely Collier, NAACP San Antonio
  • Kin Yan Hui, San Antonio Chinese American Citizens Alliance
  • Lillian Miess Frei, Community Engagement Specialist
  • Mario Obledo, San Antonio Food Bank
  • Melanie Cawthon, disABILITYsa
  • Molly Biglari, Haven for Hope
  • Richard Perez, San Antonio Chamber of Commerce
  • Selene M. Gomez, League of Women Voters
  • Serafina De Los Santos, JBSA
  • Susan Thompson, AVANCE-San Antonio
  • Tuesdae Knight, SAGE


The sub-committees strategize, organize and implement Census education, outreach and participation activities with a focus on populations with the greatest opportunity for an increase in self-response rates.

Business & Labor

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  • Richard Perez (Co-Chair), San Antonio Chamber of Commerce
  • Kin Hui (Co-Chair), San Antonio Chinese American Citizens Alliance
  • Deborah Omowale, DreamVoice
  • Dr. Adelita Cantu, UT Health San Antonio
  • Jesus Antonio Rendon, Building A Purpose
  • Judy Canales, Southside First Economic Development Council
  • Sophie Torres, San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Community & Faith Based

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  • Jean Sherrill (Co-Chair), Center for Refugee Services
  • Melanie Cawthon (Co-Chair), disABILITYsa
  • Molly Biglari (Co-Chair), Haven For Hope
  • Allyssa Guerrero, Texas Organizing Project
  • Fatima Menendez, MALDEF
  • H. Drew Galloway, MOVE Texas
  • Heather Finerghty, Meals on Wheels
  • Magdalena Alvarado
  • Patricia Mejia, San Antonio Area Foundation
  • Rex Brien, SAMMinistries
  • Richard Milk, SAHA


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  • Selene Gomez (Co-Chair), League of Women Voters
  • Susan Thompson (Co-Chair), AVANCE -San Antonio
  • Dr. Adena Williams Loston (Co-Chair), St. Philip's College
  • Coda Rayo-Garza, UTSA
  • Dr. Edwin Blanton, Mays Center, A&M – SA
  • Enrique A. Trevino, Council District 3
  • Juany Torres
  • Mayra De Hoyos, ESC- 20
  • Patty Parma, Alamo Colleges District
  • Xochil Rodriguez, UTSA

Government, Military & Veterans

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  • Mario Obledo (Co-Chair), San Antonio Food Bank
  • Serafina De Los Santos (Co-Chair), JBSA
  • Dr. Henry Flores, St. Mary's University

Media & Communications

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  • Tuesdaé Knight (Co-Chair), SAGE
  • Barbara Aguirre, Our Lady of the Lake University
  • Christian Reed Ogba, EHCU Public Relations
  • Cristina J. Bazaldua, Univision
  • John Vasquez, AARP
  • Keely Collier, NAACP - San Antonio
  • Lily Casura, YWCA San Antonio
  • Molly Cox, SA2020
  • Rogelio Saenz, UTSA

Rural, Suburban & Unincorporated

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  • Lillian Miess Frie (Community Engagement Specialist)
  • Heather Ramon-Ayala (Co-Chair), San Antonio at Gessner Engineering
  • Greg Matula, NuStar Energy
  • Laura McKieran, CI:NOW
  • Rudy Rodriguez, R4 Strategies


  • Bureau's Customer Service Center

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